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Partner / Business Law and Criminal Law

Mr. J. R. Fernández Martín

Doctor in Law, Political Science, and Criminology from the University of Valencia. A lawyer specializing in Financial and Tax Law with extensive experience in business advice and business crisis situations. Master in Financial and Tax Law from the Institute of Fiscal Studies of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Department of Financial and Tax Law of the University of Valencia. Bankruptcy administrator. He has extensive experience as a lawyer in North African countries, where he has provided his services for more than ten years, giving legal and commercial advice to European and American companies from the headquarters in Algeria. He currently belongs to the following Associations: Member of IFA SPANISH BRANCH, Member of International Fiscal Association (IFA), Member of the Financial and Tax Law Section of the ICAV, Member of the Spanish Association of Financial Law (AEDF), Member of the International Center of Research and Information on the Public, Social and Cooperative Economy (CIRIEC), Member of the Regulatory and Business Compliance Section (ICAV), Member of the Chair of Agrifood Cooperatives (CAE-UV).

Partner / Migration Law

Mr. M.E. Martis

Mr. M.E. Martis has graduated from Law School at the Free University in Amsterdam. In addition to law, he also studied Philosophy and Theology. He is specialized in migration law daily and speaks several languages, including Spanish, Papiamento, English, and Dutch. He is the founder and Ceo of the Almonte Leclerc application and the associated legal platform. In addition, he teaches migration law at the Almonte Leclerc Academy. He is chairman of the Veterans Amsterdam Foundation voluntarily.


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